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Getting the car in the garage…

Posted by Jane Woolsey on October 15, 2011

Before those cold temperatures arrive, and depending where you are that “white stuff”,  now is the time to tackle that jam-packed garage, or help your clients tackle it,  and get it ready for the fall storage including your car! So whether you are going to do it yourself, or perhaps hire an organizer to help, let’s revisit the nine steps to an organized garage according to Barry Izsak of Arranging It All.

  1. Analyze your needs
  2. Create a garage inventory
  3. Make a garage layout
  4. Break your garage organizing task into small, manageable pieces
  5. Perform a gross sort
  6. Detailed sorting and purging
  7. Choose the storage system that suits your needs
  8. Organize and containerize
  9. Maintain your system


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Downsizing Commandment #6 – Hire or Barter

Posted by Jane Woolsey on October 12, 2011

“Hire – or barter – professional help”, is a powerful commandment on the treacherous road to downsizing, minimalizing or just plain moving. 

Working on the premise that we are all smart, competent individuals to start with, there is a humiliating moment in time when faced with vast piles of our possessions and the historical and emotional implications they carry, even the strongest of us falters.  Some of us despair, cry, give up.  This is the moment when I have learned – the hard way, as usual – that the solution is to hire someone to help.  Or, as I did, to barter.  I may be hopeless at making tough decisions about my earthly goods, but there are one or two things I can offer that other people value.

This is how I leaned about the Professional Organizer’s Association and most particularly, one of their stars.  Her clarity, organization, ability to remove -or at least weaken – the emotional strings of giving up long held clothes, books, linens, accessories, kitchen items and others, kept me sane, focused and efficient.  One of her key skills was ensuring we always had – and honoured – timelines which helps to keep you focused, productive and practical.  I can’t recommend this kind of assistance enough.

Although best friends and family members may be helpful, they often know you too well and may be hesitant to be completely honest about what should go or stay.  I strongly believe there are certain times in life that it is the most economical strategy to hire the best to help you.  On this list I include a good hairdresser, dentist, doctor and now, a good professional organizer!

Lynda Palazzi, Editor, Solutions Newsletter 

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A Gift of Time

Posted by Jane Woolsey on December 17, 2010

Think of gifts you can give your family or friends that are a gift of your time! Some possible ideas – an evening of babysitting, shoveling the driveway, car washes, grass cutting and weeding, a day of house cleaning, grocery shopping for them, pet-sitting while they are on vacation or perhaps teaching them some computer skills. The list is endless, all you have to do is get a little creative, create your own paper Gift Certificate or I.O.U. and drop it in a holiday card. For organizers, package up some organizational ideas that you know would benefit productivity and lower stress, offer one hour of your time and deliver it with a time line of up to 6 months to use.

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The Holidays are Upon Us…….let the organization begin!

Posted by Jane Woolsey on November 29, 2010

Holiday OrganizationAs we wish you the happiest possible holiday season and ending to your year, we remind ourselves that our organizational skills are a great gift.

On that note, here is our dream wish list.  We would love to receive an organizer’s time and skills to make our lives easier and smoother, more productive and stress-free.  Whether it is a closet, a home office, a corporate executive or professional’s office, a garage, a basement or even the linen closet, we can’t think of a more wonderful gift to give or receive.

For those organizers, develop a list of your organizing services as a gift certificate idea for friends, families and clients.  With a minimum of a three hour gift certificate purchase, you might even consider offering special clients a free hour.  This may well be one of the most guaranteed to please gifts this year. We see this as a multi-faceted tool to help you advertise your business to clients as well as a gift resource for yourself to highlight and promote your business.  You become the gift, whether you give it yourself or encourage others to do so by helping them think of organizing as one of their best and most creative holiday gifts.

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