Downsizing Commandment #6 – Hire or Barter

Posted by Jane Woolsey on October 12, 2011

“Hire – or barter – professional help”, is a powerful commandment on the treacherous road to downsizing, minimalizing or just plain moving. 

Working on the premise that we are all smart, competent individuals to start with, there is a humiliating moment in time when faced with vast piles of our possessions and the historical and emotional implications they carry, even the strongest of us falters.  Some of us despair, cry, give up.  This is the moment when I have learned – the hard way, as usual – that the solution is to hire someone to help.  Or, as I did, to barter.  I may be hopeless at making tough decisions about my earthly goods, but there are one or two things I can offer that other people value.

This is how I leaned about the Professional Organizer’s Association and most particularly, one of their stars.  Her clarity, organization, ability to remove -or at least weaken – the emotional strings of giving up long held clothes, books, linens, accessories, kitchen items and others, kept me sane, focused and efficient.  One of her key skills was ensuring we always had – and honoured – timelines which helps to keep you focused, productive and practical.  I can’t recommend this kind of assistance enough.

Although best friends and family members may be helpful, they often know you too well and may be hesitant to be completely honest about what should go or stay.  I strongly believe there are certain times in life that it is the most economical strategy to hire the best to help you.  On this list I include a good hairdresser, dentist, doctor and now, a good professional organizer!

Lynda Palazzi, Editor, Solutions Newsletter 

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